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Hi, my name is Roy Berculo. I'm an 18 year old media designer based in The Netherlands. Sharing art, music and positivity under the name
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Before I started using Photoshop, I drawed a lot of self made characters, comics and cartoon characters. Next to that, I played a lot on my guitar. I was (and still am) always creating art, and that's the best thing that've happend to me in my life. Without creativity in my life, life would be boring as hell.
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I love to make art within' Premiere Pro and After Effects, but I have a huge soft spot for Photoshop, what an amazing piece of software. I fell in love with Photoshop when I used it for the first time, you can simply create anything with it if you know what you are doing.
I make a lot of banners, album covers and different kinds of Photoshop edits. Most of the time I'm creating artistic edits, because I love it to challange myself.  But, simplistic edits are also fun to make, because you can get a great result with simple techniques. Making edit's for celebrity's is something I like to do. So yea, I like it to create a lot of different things.
Next to that is video-editting something I like to do. My first time using Premiere Pro was in late 2019, when I had to make a music video for a school project. Nowadays, I make
promo video's and music videos, but editting a youtube video is something I can do too. It is fun to do!  
Creating animations with After Effects is something I can do very well. It's my favourite software to work with next to Photoshop. I use to create simple animations, but I teached myself to create visual effects.
Are you curious about what I make? Be sure to check
out my portfolio.
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My goal? I'm a very positive mindsetted person, and I want to make people happy with my art and personality. There is no time to be sad, do the things that you love to do, 'cause I do, and that makes me happy. It's time to stand up! 
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