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This project was for a single of mine called ´Love Potion Symphony´. I released the song on the 28th of May 2021.
´Love Potion Symphony´ is a pop song that will bring you back to the best holiday you've ever had! 


When you look at the artwork, you should see the summer, feel nostalgic and makes you excited for the holiday season. That was the idea for the artwork. I took a picture of my hand and placed it in Photoshop. I wanted to created the 'beach' in my hand. I wanted a lady in the artwork, because it's a love song. Palmtrees were a must, because if you look at a picture of a palm tree, you think about the summer. Then I placed the sea in my hand, and created the sun by simply drawing it in Photoshop. The last thing I did was creating a waterfall that came out of my hand.
Love Potion Symphony Artwork 2.jpg


I always wanted to create a lyrics video, but I thought that I didn't had the skills to do that. But I wrong! I had the idea to use kinetic typography, 'cause that will make a lyrics video very dynamic. So I did that, and posted it on YouTube.  
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