Manipulated is a song that was released on the 25th of
February 2021. Before recording the song, the artwork
was made by me. However, there is more to cover
than the artwork only! I’ll be able to show you by
taking a better view at this project.

Before writing about how I created the artwork, I’d like to
inform you about the subject the song. The reason for me
to do this, is because if you know that, you most probably

will have a better understandance about why I make some
things like they are.


The song is about being followed by someone who is
really mad at you, but you don't understand the reason
that causes him to act like he’s doing and trying to
manipulate you.

Now you know where the song is about, it's time to show you what I made for this project. There are 3 things to talk about: the artwork, the promo video and the audio video. Let's get straight into it.


I wanted a artwork that would show where the song is about. So I took a picture, and placed it in Photoshop. I wanted to look like I was manipulated, so i tried to turn myself into a cyborg. I blended my logo into my forehead, and made my eye color green and yellow. Then I placed the text before myself, and gave it the same yellow and green look. That's the last thing I did. If you hover your mouse over the artwork, you will see the original picture!
Some of my friends saw me working on the artwork, and they instantly said that they really liked it. That gave me a lot of confidence, and gave me the motivation to finish this edit. I'm super proud of the result. It was fun to make.
Originele foto manipulated.jpg


I made a promo video for Instagram in After Effects. I made my eyes green, and in the background you'll hear the intro of the song. I wanted to alert my audience that something's coming soon.


And ofcourse, the song had to be on YouTube, so I had to make an audio video. It very simple, but very effective. I place the artwork in the middle of the screen, and put an audio waveform in the back. And I animated the colour wheel, so that you'll see all these different colours.