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This work I’ve made on the basis of a picture from me.
I understood that I had to challenge myself, as my skills for making highlights in a picture had to improve. By using the software program and constantly trying I learned  how to change the lightsource and how to make new highlights and shadows in a picture.  After finishing the highlights and shadows, I thought that still something was missing. The answer I found in the enlightment of the logo on the hoodie I wear on the picture. It definitely gives the edit extra flavour. Creating some depth in the picture by using so-called particles in the front and in the background, as well as lighting up the eyes, gave the finishing and fresh looking “Prominence” touch.
Mikky Ki Trui Edit-2.jpg
By hovering over the edit with your mouse, you will see
the original picture. Maybe nice to know is that this picture is used as my profile picture for the “Prominence” Spotify account from 2021 'till the end of 2022.
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