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LONELY is a song released by Prominence and Ghanaian rapper Lil’ Barns on the 24th of February of 2023. For the release of this song, Roy made some media publications.
He wanted to express the feeling of the song through the album cover: loneliness, feeling washed out, sadness and depression. Lil’ Barns already had some amazing pictures that could be used for the album cover. The light blue color is a very cold color and fits very well with the depressed feeling the album cover has.
Prominence ft. Lil Barns - Lonely Artwork.jpg



LONELY is based of a guitar melody. So it only seems logical to add some video shots of the artist playing the guitar. Next to that is it always great to show the artist singing the song. Roy added these neon lights in the background to create the similar feeling of the album cover. Adding the red color while editing the Spotify Canvas so the blue colors don’t wash out, giving the canvas some nice contrast. The canvas is a bit blurred in the beginning and the end of the video so it creates a nice loop when you look
at it on Spotify.


There were so many shots left that Roy could create a Instagram Reel to promote his song LONELY with the shots for the Spotify Canvas.
The key for creating a promotional video for a song is that you put the best part of the song in the video, usually that's the hook. Luckily, LONELY has a strong hook that is very recognizable.
The video is color graded in a way that the neon lights really pop out, creating the same cold feeling as the Spotify Canvas. 
Prominence ft. Lil Barns - Lonely Artwork.jpg
LONELY is a relaxing song with a lot of emotion. The album cover of the song was really fun and challengin' to create. The Spotify canvas is a good addition to the song. It matches the vibe of the song very well.
If you're interested, you can listen to LONELY on all streaming services.


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