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Roy Berculo follow an internship at the underwear brand Untouched: a trendy, out of the box underwear brand.
The people at Untouched gave him the space to create anything that he thought that would fit the brand. For National Science Fiction day he made this edit as promotion for Untouched. The texture that was used for the underwear is a leopard print. He used the print to create a magical atmosphere, also adding the pink fire textures to give the picture some spice.
Lotte Vuur Fairy Edit.jpg
Fairy Edit Origineel.png
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Nieuwjaarsedit Liggend.jpg
This edit was made for the New Years Eve Instagram post for Untouched.
Roy's supervisor gave him the space to create an amazing photo manipulations. The picture was taken in the middle of the day. After some manipulations, it looks like the picture has been taken in the night.
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Untouched did a photo and video shoot for their new underwear-line on the Canary Island in 2022. They asked if Roy could edit the videos.
They wanted the underwear to stand out so it was necessary to keep the video's simple but effective. The video's are colour graded to make the colours stand out and the transitions are in sync with the music.
Untouched - Fairy Edit.jpg
Bein' able to follow an intership at Untouched made him a better all-around designer.
Creating all kinds of media expressions gained him a lot of experience in content creation. Editting all kinds of photos and video's gave him a lot of insight in his job.


Roy Berculo

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