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PSYCHO is a song made by Prominence. He released the song on the 27th of October in 2023.
The album cover needed a trippy effect that fits with the lyrics of the song. The composition of the album cover needed to be simple: The artist in the middle of the album cover with a couple of effects. Putting a gradient over the artist and the background gave an unique effect, giving it more of a trippy effect.
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Psycho Artwork.png
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A Spotify canvas is a 8 second video that tells the story of the song. This can be a part of the music video, a purposely made video, singing the song or an animation of the album cover. For this song, Prominence chose to sing the song, giving the feeling to the listener that he's singin' for them. Next to that, the Spotify Canvas is pretty straight foreward. Keeping it simple is the key.


To promote PSYCHO, there were made a couple of photo's that could be used to post on Instagram.
The photos needed to express a depressed feeling with a lot of character. That's why the choice was made to make most of the photo's black and white. 


PSYCHO's main promotion was an mini-music video that was posted on Instagram Reels.
The mini-music video was made of all the clips that were shot for the Spotify Canvas to give it the same feeling. Both video's have the same feelings which will give the listener some familiarity. Prominence sang the song on the video, with the intention to make it feel very personal to the listener.  In 28 days the mini-music video reached close to 8000 views on Instagram with the help of Instagram Ads.
Psycho Artwork.png
PSYCHO is a chill
Hip Hop song with a deep message buried in the lyrics. PSYCHO is one of Prominence's most listened songs. 
If you're interested, you can listen to PSYCHO on all streaming services.


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