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Monero - Cocktailavond 22 November - Banner.png


24 NOVEMBER 2023


Dutch DJ Monero was blasting some House tunes at the Coava Cocktailnight. Roy Berculo made all kinds of media-expressions to promote the House-mix Monero recorded at the Coava Cocktailnight.
Monero gave Roy full control over the project. Because Monero just started posting on Instagram, he needed a lot of portrets. It's important to have a lot of portrets if you want your face to become the biggest part of your brand.


Prominence Designs wouldn't be Prominence Designs if there aren't any photo manipulations in a project. When asking if Monero would be open for a couple photo manipulations, he smiled and thought is was a great idea.
Because Monero gave Roy full control over the project, he thought it would be a great idea to create a couple photo manipulations with a RGB/Glitch Effect. Next to that, he experimented with AI to create a whole different background. Tryin' to create a summer vibe that matches with Monero's music.


To get more customers and fans to your event, it's a great idea to create an after movie of the last event. 
Monero and Roy thought it would be an amazing idea to use a couple of visual effects to the after movie. This ended up giving the after movie a special touch and a unique identity.
Next to that, 2 more Instagram Reels video's were made with some visual effects. These video's were used to promote the House-mix Monero has recorded at the Cocktailnight.
Monero - Cocktailavond 22 November - Banner.png
Creating different media-expression for DJ Monero was an amazing experience!
Bein' able to create different photo manipulations and video's in the same project was a great idea, learning a lot in the progress.


Roy Berculo

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KVK: 91860814

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